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These are the podcasts I'm listening to lately.


This is a technical podcast hosted by Elecia White, author of Making Embedded Systems. It's focused on embedded devices, hardware hackers, makers, and gadgets. There are many good episodes, including one with my coworker Rob Faludi, author of Building Wireless Sensor Networks.

Minnov8 Gang Podcast

I just stumbled upon this one but it looks like it's been around quite a while. It has a good variety of local and national tech related coverage. The format seems to be that the hosts each pick topics from the news and then they discuss each topic for a few minutes. I've only listened to the last few episodes so far but they have covered a lot of topics I'm interested in like IoT, Android and iOS.


This one is a video podcast from the company behind the Wi-Fi Pineapple. I've only see a couple of episodes but it seems pretty good so far. It's already given me some ideas of some things I want to do with the Pineapple I bought for use at work and some Android apps I want to write.

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